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Tire Problems - FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions
What are the causes of center tread wear?
Possible causes include over inflation for load carried, narrow rim width, or wrong tire. High speed acceleration can also cause center wear.

What causes a blow-out?
A separation between the tread rubber and the underlying belt may be the result of cumulative improper inflation pressure, repair or storage, excessive load, speed or heat, prior impact damage, tread cut or puncture or run flat.

What causes the sidewalls to start turning a brownish color?
There is an anti-ozone ingredient in tires that will migrate to the surface of the rubber and leave the appearance of a brownish dust. This is completely normal is no cause for concern. Other possibilities can be brake dust or just dirt.

What should I do if my vehicle is pulling to one side?
Get a wheel alignment.

What should I do if tire wear is uneven?
Get a wheel alignment.

What can cause my tire tread face to show one rib higher than the other?
Improper wheel alignment.

What causes sidewall Indentations on my tire?
This is referred to as sidewall undulations, common with radial tires. It will not affect the performance of the tire. The joining of the ply material in the sidewall makes these slight indentations or wavy appearance when tire is inflated.
If bulges, rather than indentations appear on the sidewall of the tire, get the tire inspected immediately.

What should I do if the cords on my tires are visible?
Replace the tire.

What should I do if there is a Bubble/ 'Bulge on the sidewall of my tire?
Get the tire inspected immediately. Your dealer should know if the tire was damaged or is covered under warranty.

Why are my tires making noise?
Noise is most commonly due to an uneven or irregular wear.

Please note that while this is intended to outline general guidelines and considerations, it is not all-inclusive.
IMPORTANT: ALWAYS refer to and follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.
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